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Second Language Acquisition

In today's society it is essential to learn foreign languages. Many people find foreign languages to be fun and not necessary for a full functioning society. Afterall, if a person lives in a nation in which English, for instance, is the official language, then he or she really has no need to acquire another language to live a full and complete life. However, this belief is not true of the world today.

If a nation is to make a contribution to world affairs, then its citizens are required to have knowledge of foreign languages. If different nations cannot understand what each other are saying then no one can get much accomplished internationally. Different people need to be able to meet one another on common linguistic ground in order to ensure success.

Currently there are more career opportunities available to people who have acquired a FL than those who only speak their native language. This is because international commerce is dependent upon those who display competence in a FL and can communicate with speakers of foreign languages. Often FL speakers are required to move where routine use of a FL is necessary.

FLL provides people with insights into other cultures that they might not receive otherwise. Recently FLT has been integrating information regarding foreign cultures and customs as to give a better understanding of the language, such as the usage of slang, idioms, etc. This provides FL learners with a greater appreciation of people of different backgrounds once they see it through the medium of FLL.

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